Parents & Guardians

Parents & Guardians

Here at Jobs4teens we understand the pressures that you, as parents, are up against. Maybe you’re fed up of seeing your kids glued to their phones or you just want to give them a bit of independence. You might be feeling the increasing pressure to always buy them the latest phone or gadget, or maybe you’ve seen how expensive driving lessons are now? We were all teenagers once and we know that giving them an opportunity to do something for themselves can work wonders.

Having Patience

Having Patience....

It might seem like serving tables or stacking shelves doesn’t require much skill, but you would be amazed at what teenagers learn by doing these kinds of jobs. Serving customers requires politeness, patience and diplomacy, skills that will come in handy time and again throughout their lives. Having a job means being organised, learning to listen to others, and making sure that you follow through on your commitments.

Jobs like these will give your kids the opportunity to learn these incredibly useful life skills.

Jobs4Teens makes it easy to find part time work for all teenagers of any ability, that will fit in around their schooling, their clubs and their homework!


Child Employment Law: A Guide for Parents (pdf)

Safer Job Searching (pdf)

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